Dear Seahawk and Wildcat Nation,

I know that you have many questions and concerns about the recent flooding at BRES and how that impacts our students and staff at both schools. 

Let me start with a few examples of Seahawk Pride which reinforces my optimism that we will not only persevere through this unexpected challenge, but that our students, staff and community will shine, come together, and emerge even stronger than before.

Principal Campbell shared a message with me from her student leadership group.  It reads in part:

  • “We would like to postpone winter carnival until a further date.  We would like to use this week to focus on supporting and helping in any way possible with the elementary school….”

  • Offers of assistance began to come in as soon as the news came out.  Our Custodial crew who spent the day yesterday helping to assess and beginning to clean up the damage and our administrative team who spent yesterday assessing and planning for the week were both back at it since 5:30 this morning.  The Board of Trustees came to help assess the damage, plan next steps and offer their assistance.

We will provide more detailed updates as we learn more about the extent of the damage and when it will be safe to get you into the building and ultimately to get our students back in for in person learning.

Our leadership team will be meeting once or twice daily to assess our progress and share any new information learned and we will keep you updated.  We are working hard to provide the answers to the questions we all have!

One of the many lessons the last few years have taught me is that answers will come in their own time – not necessarily when I want them.  This is a complex situation that we must tackle one step at a time. 

I’ve attached the update I provided to the boards last evening including a map indicating the areas impacted by the flooding.

Be well and please contact me if you have any questions.