Greetings Families,

What a time of uncertainty swirling around us right now.  As we now have our first presumptive confirmed case of COVID19 in Maine along with the University of Maine System closing campuses, many questions are coming in our direction about school closure.  As Dr. Laser mentioned in his most recent letter to you, we are receiving multiple updates from the Maine Department of Education with new information in each update.  Dr. Laser is keeping our administrative team and staff updated.  

Along with the many proactive measures we’re taking, BRES staff is working on remote learning bags for all of our students, in the case of a school shut down situation.   In doing so, we are taking into account the many diverse needs of our students. One of our most immediate areas of planning has become how to get food to our families in need, if we should need to close our doors.  More information to come, as needed.

Please know that we are practicing social distancing as best we can in a public space.  We are not hosting school wide events, and are continuing to send sick students and staff home.  We continue to teach and promote handwashing and covering coughs and sneezes. Our hardworking custodians are disinfecting surfaces and objects that are frequently touched.

This is a rapidly changing situation. We will continue to work to communicate and update students and families. In a televised statement on the 12th, Governor Mills shared that our communities should begin to think about avoiding large events and assemblies to reduce the spread of this virus.

Our guidance counselors have noticed that with an increased worry in our community, our students are showing us their increased worry and anxiety around unknown world and community events.  Here are a few resources to help you explain this virus to your children that might help.

Center for Disease Control (CDC)- Talking with Children

PBS Parents-Talking with Younger Children

NPR-A Comic Strip for Older Students Explaining COVID-19

I have also attached to this newsletter information from a national agency (SAMHSA) that outlines developmentally appropriate kid reactions and response language for caretakers.

I understand that there are many reactions to what’s happening around us.  We will remain steadfast with student and community safety as our focal point.  Thank you for your continued support as we navigate this together.

My best,