Dear Boothbay-Boothbay Harbor CSD Community;

I am excited for all of our students PK-12 being back for in person instruction:

  • 9-12 on Tuesday, March 7
  • PK-8 on Wednesday, March 8

More detailed information on any changes in procedures necessitated by the use of our satellite locations will be sent to you from each school.

We understand and share the concern over additional lost instructional time for this transition and the next transition back to our original schools, particularly for the elementary school students as they will have missed approximately eight days of instruction with these transitions.   

Our first step in addressing the loss of instructional days for our PK-8 students will be to change the workshop day scheduled for March 17th to a student day for PK-8.

  • March 17th – BRES Student Day
  • March 17th – BRHS Workshop Day – No school for students 9-12

Please reach out to your building administrator or my office if you have any questions in regard to this change.

I am still humbled by the efforts by our staff and community to accomplish not one, but two major transitions and to have all of our students back for in person learning within 18 School Days of the first burst pipes.


Robert Kahler, Superintendent of Schools

Upcoming meetings of note regarding updates on BRES mitigation and repairs:

            Board of Trustees Meeting on Tuesday March 7th 5:15 BRHS Library

           Flood Response/Communications Subcommittee Thursday, March 9th

Another update to the scope of work and progress of work will be issued shortly after these meetings.



Grade Span:



BRHS (upstairs north wing)

*Combining Grades 1 & 2



4th & 5th 

Camp Knickerbocker


Above Boothbay Fire Department


Camp Kieve

BRHS 9-12

Combing Classrooms/

Sharing Spaces at BRHS