School Security Update
Superintendent Robert Webster
Monday, March 12 2018

Dear BRES/BRHS Staff, Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

Recent tragic events in Florida have sadly reminded us all of the need for constant vigilance in the effort to provide safe schools for our children. In the past three weeks BRHS and BRES staff, the Boothbay Harbor Police Department, CSD Trustees and School Committee and school administration initiated a series of security reviews and building inspections. We will continue this work in the coming weeks to:

                •              Strengthen communication and collaboration with emergency responders;

                •              Identify parts of the district’s current safety plan and safety practices that need more attention and emphasis

                •              Follow a schedule for fire, lockdown, and shelter in place drills that include periodic emergency responder participation

                •              Update the safety plan to address any deficiencies in the plan

                •              Establish a budget line in Plant Operation/Maintenance specifically for budgeting funds for security needs

                •              Approve a new employee position with responsibilities for school safety monitoring during the school day

                •              Expand screening of people entering the buildings during morning school arrival, afternoon dismissal and school events open to the public during the school day

                •              Provide funding to support part of the School Resource Officer position

                •              Provide quicker access to the buildings when law enforcement personnel respond to an emergency

                •              Expand the camera monitoring system to public areas that aren’t currently viewed by the surveillance system

                •              Install more resistant doors in both buildings that will delay forced entry and isolate wings of the buildings from an intruder during a lockdown

                •              Plan infrastructure changes to building access, egress and foot traffic flow as part of a future building renovation project

                •              Establish active School Safety Teams in each building that meet three times a year at the start, middle and end of each school year

                •              Plan a comprehensive emergency drill with first responders for the 2018-19 school year

 We all want our schools to be safe places. But complacency is a handicap that has to be recognized and thwarted. We must build effective safety practices into the culture and routine of both schools. 

 I hope you find this letter informative and to some degree reassuring. Some of this is happening right away. Other parts require longer range changes. With the help of everyone involved, we can and will do what it takes to make our schools the safest places that they can be.


Robert Webster

Interim Superintendent of Schools